Beauty Photography


⁣As a beauty photographer, I want my photos to feature bold and exciting visuals. When I photograph the subject, be it a exciting new product, or stunning face, viewers need to be immediately understand the visual story being told through color and texture. This is the power that photography is always had for me. Visual storytelling. I recognized it when I took my art class in my small High School in Michigan. Once I found a love for mixed-media art, I pursued a Bachelors in Visual Communication/Marketing. During this time, I worked as a Makeup Artist to cover tuition. Years later, I now specialize in Beauty Photography & Cosmetic Product Photography. I have a studio in Los Angeles that often is textured with powders, glosses and potions. I lead a team of talented beauty experts, creating images from prep to post. I bring my experience and very detailed orientated eye, to the table from my first intro call. I want campaigns to stand out, to sing its own unique pretty tune. A gorgeous brief, makes me purr. The other part of my life revolves around my home; my husband and cats. I want to have a life full of color, warmth and creativity, and I want my clients to be a part of that.

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