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richard blank
richard blank

⁣Podcast Host of Carry On with Criselda. Always floating along in life, never daring to reach for the extraordinary is how I got along for most of my life. Now having passed the midpoint of my lifespan, I asked myself one important question: Is this how I want to spend the second half of my life? Welcome to Carry On with Criselda, a podcast which will offer encouragement, direction, motivation and clarity for those in search of it. We will talk about ways to improve one’s life by using positive strategies that will make lasting changes in handling their thoughts and emotions. The way to reach the kind of life we seek is through improving our mindset, releasing negativity including the past, adopting a state of gratitude, seeking peace, setting boundaries and so much more. Offering hope and encouragement to others is at the heart of this podcast. Our goal is to lift up those who are looking for answers and a way to improve their lives and through this podcast, our intent is that they come out feeling better than they did before they listened.

After a chance encounter leads Richard Blank to double down on his Spanish Communication major and move abroad, he must navigate his family's expectations, guilt, and fear of the unknown to find success and fulfillment in a new life.How Richard Followed His Heart's Compass to Costa Rica:

"Fortune favors the brave. You have to be brave to at least start by looking in the mirror because a lot of people can't even look at themselves."

Richard Blank is a Philadelphia native who relocated to Costa Rica in 1997 to train employees for a call center. He has since become the CEO of Costa Rica's Call Center and has the largest collection of restored American pinball machines and antique jukeboxes in Central America.

Richard Blank was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia and decided to double down on his favorite Spanish class. This led him to a one in a million opportunity to work at a call center in Costa Rica, where he learned the industry from the inside out. Despite his family's guilt, Richard decided to move abroad and showed his family that his true life was something to be proud of. Through his Tortoise philosophy and his maturity, Richard was able to create something out of nothing and has been living an incredible life ever since. Despite the fear and apprehension, Richard has been brave and has lived life to the fullest, following his dreams and passions with no regrets.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

Taking risks to pursue one's passions and live a fulfilling life, despite family guilt and expectations.
The importance of empathy, loyalty, and dignity in any job or career.
Living life with the "fool's" mentality, embracing the joys of the present and taking risks to achieve dreams.

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