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⁣The restrictions known as IR35 were implemented by the government with the intention of preventing businesses from laying off employees and then hiring them back to perform the same work as contractors in order to avoid paying taxes and national insurance for those employees. As a result of this issue having an influence on the employment rights of the workforce as well as being a tax loophole for firms, the government decided to intervene. The phrase "Intermediaries legislation" (also known as "IR35") refers to a series of rules enacted by the government that have an effect on a taxpayer's tax and national insurance payment obligations. If you hire someone as a contractor and they claim to be self-employed, but your contract is their only source of income and dictates when and how they work, then the HMRC will consider them not to be self-employed but to be subject to IR35 rather than self-employed. This is because your contract is their only source of income and controls when and how they work. Please get in touch with us so that we can provide further information on the various IR35 judgments and how we can help you with them:

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