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richard blank
richard blank

⁣Entertainment Man Podcast. A fun CEO shares 10 secrets to promote morale.

Entertainment Man Podcast is the OFFICIAL Podcast of the Founder and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb which is 100% Raw and Real and nothing is hidden. He will talk about various types of topics, including past projects that he did on YouTube and including past Podcasts! He also does interviews quite often but when there isn't an interview, he is there to give you some help with YOUR content. You can also find his podcast on YouTube in video format as well!

In today's episode, I talk to and interview a BPO call center CEO Richard Blank

We talk about his Call Centre, Conflict Management strategy, phonetic micro expression reading for mastering verbal signs and the Famous Boomerang Technique.

Small Production Note: My closing got cut off at the end, my apologies, I'll fix it for next time around.

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He took the summer off and returned to Everything About Reality TV to Audio ONLY and ran all the way to end of June 2020 as he announced he was finished with Reality TV Podcasts all together in general. He covered shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada and Music City between it's run. June 2018 Chris & Larry made the announcement that they were doing a Collaboration Podcast called Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which is still in the active projects list since June 2018. The collab was under the name The CBOTW Show from 2018 - 2019 then on it's own like it is to this day. March 8th, 2020, he started up Entertainment Man Podcast which is currently still in it's run. in 2022 he also added Entertainment Man to YouTube and he became active on YouTube once again after 6 year absence or retirement from the platform. Everything About Reality TV ended it's run at the end of June 2020. Power Rangers Collab saw it's end of it's run June 3rd, 2023. The CBOTW Show tried to return in 2021 & 2022 but because of some things that went on behind the scenes, the podcast went on hiatus up to the announcement of it's returning and now active as of June 3rd, 2023 on AUDIO Only.

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Richard’s journey in the call center space is filled with twists and turns. When he was 27 years old, he relocated to Costa Rica to train employees for one of the larger call centers in San Jose. With a mix of motivational public speaking style backed by tactful and appropriate rhetoric, Richard shared his knowledge and trained over 10 000 bilingual telemarketers.

Richard Blank has the largest collection of restored American Pinball machines and antique Rockola Jukeboxes in Central America making gamification a strong part of CCC culture. Richard Blank is the Chief Executive Officer for Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008.

Mr. Richard Blank holds a bachelors degree in Communication and Spanish from the University of Arizona and a certificate of language proficiency from the University of Sevilla, Spain. A Keynote speaker for Philadelphia's Abington High School 68th National Honors Society induction ceremony. In addition, inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame for Business. Giving back to Abington Senior High School is very important to Mr. Blank. As such, he endows a scholarship each year for students that plan on majoring in a world language at the university level.

Costa Rica’s Call Center (CCC) is a state of the art BPO telemarketing outsource company located in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Our main focus has been, and will always be to personally train each and every Central America call center agent so that we may offer the highest quality of outbound and inbound telemarketing solutions and bilingual customer service to small and medium sized international companies, entrepreneurs as well as fortune 500 companies.

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