HMRC Nudge Letters - What You Need to Know


⁣In this informative video, we delve into the world of HMRC's "nudge" letters, a tool used by the tax authority to tackle the £35.8 billion tax gap in the UK. We'll explore:

1. The evolution of HMRC's approach, from targeted campaigns to data-driven strategies
2. What "nudge" letters are and why you might receive one
3. The power of HMRC's Connect computer system in identifying potential tax discrepancies
4. A recent example of "nudge" letters related to incorporation relief
5. How to respond to a "nudge" letter and the importance of taking prompt action

If you've received a "nudge" letter or are curious about HMRC's efforts to close the tax gap, this video is a must-watch. We'll provide valuable insights and guidance on navigating this aspect of tax compliance, helping you stay informed and prepared.

Don't let a "nudge" letter catch you off guard. Watch now and learn how to effectively address any potential issues with your tax affairs.

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