iAllegedly Email Update for End of July 2023


The fed raised interest rates again. We need to look at ways to save our money. Look at alternativeslike different brokerages, money market funds and investment banks.

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Look at ways to get yourself out of debt. Have an emergency fund. #iAllegedly

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OkieDokie123 10 months ago

Here is a thought...What if 40 year olds and younger made a "pact" to not purchase a house for 6 months to a year?
This would be like a unionized agreement to express their dissatisfaction with being "robbed" by the housing industry.
I would bet that prices would drop significantly and interest rates would stop rising. This would be a peaceful movement that would establish camaraderie and provide desparately needed younger leadership nationwide.

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helovsu 11 months ago

I miss the ocean so much and I love it when I can watch you walk by the ocean. Hope you keep that up.

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