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Why You NEED Marketing for NFT Creation

Andalee Hyatt
Published on 06/30/22 / In Crypto

Why is Marketing important with NFT Creation? Marketing is the make it or break it for NFT collections. Collections that have buzz around them sell. The impulse for a lot of creators is to just throw your artwork out there. I highly recommend you learn marketing basics before launching in this space.

✿ Marketing will help you to develop a community around your NFT collection.
✿ Marketing allows you to identify why your project is different.
✿ Marketing makes the artist figure out their brand and brand messaging so buyers know what they are collecting.

NFT Master Course:

Patreon: https://bit.ly/3MqJG7H⁣NFT Crash Course ► https://bit.ly/3kfEbMoDownload the 5 Steps to Create NFTs ► https://bit.ly/3ESin2NNFT Crash Course for Beginnershttps://bit.ly/3kfEbMo

NFT Communities on Twitter

✿ Creative Markethttps://bit.ly/3uhIpJ0
✿ 30-Day Free Trial Canva:https://bit.ly/3E1kT6w
✿ Epidemic Sound:https://bit.ly/3rjgXsF
✿ Arteza Art Supplieshttps://bit.ly/3v4fTtQ
✿ Unstoppable Domainshttps://bit.ly/3vdlPAZ

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