A new victim of Muhammad -218


⁣Nouman Asghar, a 24-year-old christian, this may 30, in Pakistan, was recently sentenced at death for blasphemy against Muhammad. One of more ! Thus, if Muhammad is a man like the others (Quran 41.6), why treat him differently than the others? Because Satan/Iblis, who refuses the adoration of incarnated Word (Koran 2.34), encourage the moslems to imitate him by giving it to Mohammed. In exchange, he gives them a such hatred that even if Nouman is acquitted on appeal, he risks really of being lynched at the exit court, like of dozens of acquitted before him. Bilal Ahmad, who has sent the cartoon on the mobile of Nouman, him, is not worried : he is muslim ... Jesus did not defend Himself during His passion, because we can nothing against the truth, but an idol we must to defend it, otherwise it collapses ... Who can coming AFTER the Christ, otherwise the Antichrist?

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