ALL-IN-ONE Solar Inverter for Off-Grid, Battery Backup or Solar Generator (SUNGOLDPOWER SP6548)


How an All-In-One Hybrid Solar Inverter can be used for Off-Grid Solar, Home Battery Backup, or as a true Solar Generator.

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Featuring the SUNGOLDPOWER SP6548 48V inverter (similar to the LV6548 48V hybrid solar inverter). Adding a DIY Solar Power System to your Workshop, Tiny House or Garage has never been easier.

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*Video Topics*
00:00 Why is a ALL-In-ONE Solar Inverter a good idea in 2022?
02:15 SUNGOLDPOWER SP6548 Inverter Specifications
03:58 LV6548 vs SP6548
03:58 Is the SG6548 inverter the same as LV6548
06:52 SP6548 / LV6548 Inverter Connections
09:45 SP6548 / LV6548 Idle consumption
10:08 SP6548 / LV6548 Operating Modes
11:12 TEST #1 - Off-Grid Solar Power Simulation and Test
17:12: TEST #2 - Solar Home Emergency Battery Backup Simulation and Test
22:20 - How the SP6548 inverter Uses Solar, Battery or Grid to Supplement Power
24:54 How to Program the SP6548 inverter
27:10 Can the SP6548 inverter do Split-Phase
29:32 How much does the SP6548 Inverter Cost?

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