BOBBY BROWN, uses "his prerogative" to hook up a COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER anniversary

richard blank
richard blank

"Love you guys and appreciate you guys."

The legendary dancer and actor starts off the Cameo video by saying, "Hey everybody over at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER. Ah...This is BOBBY BROWN"

Since 1978, the Grammy Award–winning singer-songwriter started his long journey creating music. Bobby clearly understands what it takes to last in a competitive industry when starting a solo project and putting all of your efforts into pleasing the public. BB follows up his initial statement with a justified observation of structure and discipline, "Just giving you all kudos for the work that you have done.".

Another compliment from R&B talent, Bobby Brown as he acknowledges our solid work ethic when he states, "The hard work that you all have put in". True words have been spoken from a hip hop star who created a solid list of top ten hits on various bill board charts between 1986 and 1993.

1988 was a big year for Bobby Brown with his album, "Don't be cruel" which produced his most noted work. Actually, his album was made a decade after he began his musical career with New Edition in the late 1970s. So naturally, BB can relate to a ten year business milestone celebration when he says, "Happy tenth anniversary"

Since Bobby expects to be treated with all of the perks between his sold out shows, he noted our luxury style in transportation and has made a small request to CCC. "And I am going to need that limo that you guys have now. To pick me up when I come back to Costa Rica. I can't wait to get back".

Bobby Brown also recorded two songs for Ghostbusters II and has shown his ability to expand his skills and verticals when making priceless music. His humble side shines through for his fans as he concludes the video by saying, "Love you guys and appreciate you guys."

Finally, the shout out ends with a final smile and kind words from BB himself as he says, "See you soon!"

Bobby Brown always delivers and still remains an old school legend on and off the mic! Thank you for taking the time to touch base with the amazing staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER. Please come and visit CR again so the CEO, RICHARD BLANK can pick you up VIP style in our classic Mercedes Limousine. You're the man BB and it is a true gift to have you personally share some love and positive energy with our crew. Pura Vida

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