Business talks with the rebel entrepreneur podcast B2B expert guest Richard Blank

richard blank
richard blank

⁣Business Talks With The Rebel Entrepreneur. Guest B2B telesales trainer Richard Blank.

Business Talks with the Rebel Entrepreneur is our bi-weekly live show that is streamed on social media. From the live stream, we cue up the audio and turn it into the Podcast. Diana Noble - Business Coach

Pura Vida CEO: Dialing Success in Costa Rica. Every once in a while, life works out in a kind of serendipitous way, where all the stars align without you even realizing it at the moment. That's what happened to Richard Blank, CEO of Costa Rica's Call Center. It started out with him taking an interest in Spanish as a teenager, and led to him being the CEO of his own company many years later.

On this episode of Business Talks with the Rebel Entrepreneur, learn about the power of mentorship from an early age, how empathy in the workplace can really be a game changer, and how taking a risk and moving across the world can take your life on the craziest and most rewarding adventures.

Let’s cut the BS for a sec - no matter how successful you THINK you are, there's always MORE to learn about being in business! This podcast is about pushing through adversity, challenging the status quo & learning what you don't know from kick ass entrepreneurs who've been there, done that. LET'S DO THIS!

I'm Diana Noble, a serial entrepreneur quadrupling as an ICF Certified High Performance Business Coach.

I'm a rebel with a cause who's never walked a straight line. I LOVE my life! And it's time you do too!

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Business Talks With The Rebel Entrepreneur guest Richard Blank

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