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UK delivery £6.95 or with £75 spend it's FREE. According to the Health and
Safety Executive, slips and trips are the most common cause of injury in the
workplace. On average, a slip and fall results in 40% of all reported major
injuries and lead to other more severe injuries.

are also responsible for most injuries sustained by members of the public. What
is a wet floor sign? Get to know more about flooring safety in the workplace.
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'A' board style wet floor signs are an essential safety feature for any
business, sporting clubs or organisation. They warn people of wet surfaces and
help to prevent slips and falls and a trip to A&E at your local hospital.
Place signs in front of any wet surface, such as a spilled drink or a freshly
mopped floor.

Logistics deliver throughout the UK for just £6.95, FREE when you spend £75. We
hold stocks of floor cleaning products and tools, stone flooring cleaners, tile
sealers and protectors and anti slip treatment solutions to combat slippage. A
typical wet floor sign is a triangular sign with a yellow background and a
black graphic of a person slipping.

sign usually has the words "Caution Wet Floor" printed on it. Where
should Caution Wet Floor signs be placed? Several signs should be placed
anywhere there is a risk of wet surfaces, such as in lobbies, restrooms,
kitchens, and work areas. Signs should be placed in prominent locations where
people can easily see them.

to choose the right wet floor signage board There are a variety of caution
signage for wet stone tiles and flooring available, so it's logical to choose
the right one for the affected area. Take note of the following factors for
choosing the perfect floor sign: Size: Choose a sign that is large enough to be
easily seen, but not so large that it is a tripping hazard.

Choose a sign that is made of durable material that can withstand moisture and
traffic. Visibility: Choose a sign with bright colors and bold lettering that
will be easy to see even from a distance. How to use wet floor signs, before
and after a spill Place signs in prominent locations where people can easily
see them.

signs as soon as the surface is dry. Consider preventative treatment using a
liquid solution to key into the stone, flooring or tiled area. The likelihood
of slips and falls only increases when they are wet. To prevent any injury to
your visitors, whether in the home or at work, you need the proper anti-slip

this article, Tiling Logistics explains how to get rid of slippery floors and
prevent accidents on wet floors. Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Required Equipment -
Increasing Surface Grip on Porcelain, Ceramic and More You need Faber YS One
Water-based Anti-Slip Treatment for the wet floor accident prevention

solution is easy to apply and with just one use, stone floors require no
additional maintenance to increase the non-slip properties. Faber YS One
directly acts on the material, forming micro-erosions that are not visible to
the naked eye. These erosions boost run-off of water increasing surface grip.
The effects are prominent in wet conditions, regardless of whether visitors are
in footwear or bare feet.

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