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⁣DEVIN HESTER RETURNS a NFL touchdown style compliment to COSTA RICAS CALL CENTER.

richard blank
richard blank

The famous NFL legend starts off the personal video by saying,"COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER STAFF. Wow!!" Devin Devorris Hester Sr is an American former professional football player who was a wide receiver and return specialist in the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft and was a solid investment for the team and franchise records.

"Anytime" Hester wanted to show his acknowledgement of a record setting team when he said, "Congratulations man, on your guys 12 year anniversary with the business." All good things have a solid beginning that can contribute to a strong foundation. Our BPO telemarketing service had to build on our skills and grow into a division 1 player offshore. This mindset was applied and similar to the athletic competition. Hester enrolled at the University of Miami, where he played for the Miami Hurricanes football team from 2003 to 2005. As a sophomore in 2004, he earned national recognition as a kick returner after being named a first-team All-American Ultimately, Hester completed his college career with a total of six touchdowns from kick returns, including one blocked field goal return.

SUGAR FOOT"From the jukeboxes to the pinball machines." Obviously, any solid organization can be experts in multiple verticals in business, arts and athletics. Hester holds the NFL record for most all-time return touchdowns (punt and kickoff combined) and most all-time punt return touchdowns. This represents a well rounded superior football player that has mastered his trade.

"Ah wow, The Mercedes Benz Limo for VIP guest service." Naturally, sports stars are used to traveling in style and class. #23 recognizes luxury. He is widely regarded as one of the best return specialists in NFL history, and was the first person to return the opening kick of the Super Bowl back for a touchdown. That deserves a special limousine ride in an Antique 300D Lang.

"Congratulations man." Thank you sir. In 2013, Hester outran a cheetah in a race sponsored by National Geographic at Busch Gardens Tampa. The competition consisted of Hester running back and forth on a straight track to simulate laps, while the cheetah ran in a similar but separate track. CCC says ditto on a congrats.

"From all your guy's success. I know it is hard work and a dedication that you guys put in it."HURRICANE HESTER He played college football at Miami, where he was the first player in the university's recent history to play in all three phases of American football: offense, defense and special teams. That alone shows a true commitment to his professional craft of being one of the best football players in history. From a BPO nearshore agent to a NFL legend, all verticals require structure, focus, discipline and most of all, true grit.

"Keep up the good work."One person that knows how hard work can breed success is Devin Hester. Our telemarketers can appreciate his words or wisdom and encouragement.

"Keep G-d first and your business will do great." The shout ends with Devin showing us that faith in a higher power will always lead an individual to success and fulfillment.

Combined special teams return touchdowns, career: 20 (14 punts, 5 kickoffs, 1 missed field goal)
Most non-offensive touchdowns, career: 20
Most kickoff and punt return touchdowns, career: 19
Punt return touchdowns, career: 14
Punt return touchdowns, season: 4 (2007)
Kickoff return touchdowns, game: 2 (Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams, December 11, 2006)
tied with many other players
Combined return touchdowns, season: 6 (2007) (4 punts, 2 kickoffs)
Combined return touchdowns, rookie, season: 5 (2006) (3 punts, 2 kickoffs)
Combined return touchdowns, game: 2, twice
2, Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams, December 11, 2006 (2 kickoffs)
2, Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos, November 25, 2007 (1 punt, 1 kickoff)
Non-offensive touchdowns, season: 6, twice
6, 2006 (3 punts, 2 kickoffs, 1 missed field goal)
6, 2007 (4 punts, 2 kickoffs)

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Richard’s journey in the call center space is filled with twists and turns. When he was 27 years old, he relocated to Costa Rica to train employees for one of the larger call centers in San Jose. With a mix of motivational public speaking style backed by tactful and appropriate rhetoric, Richard shared his knowledge and trained over 10 000 bilingual telemarketers. Richard Blank has the largest collection of restored American Pinball machines and antique Rockola Jukeboxes in Central America making gamification a strong part of CCC culture.Richard Blank is the Chief Executive Officer for Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008.


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