Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer


⁣The purpose of an effluent treatment plant, also known as an
ETP, is to remove harmful contaminants from industrial wastewater so that it
can be reused while also releasing clean water into the environment.
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Depending on the
industry like Pharmaceutical, Mining, Textile, industrial effluents comprise a
range of different substances. Some effluents contain hazardous substances
while others contain oils and grease (e.g., cyanide). Degradable organic
contaminants are present in factory effluents from the food and beverage
industry. Industrial wastewater comprises a variety of pollutants,
necessitating the use of a specific treatment method termed ETP. Various types
of Effluent Treatment Plants for different industries are available and known
as Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant, Mining Effluent Treatment Plant,
Textile Effluent Treatment Plant etc.

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