FIRST CONTACT NOBELBIZ PODCAST-Richard Blank’s CEO of Costa Rica's Call Center BUSINESS journey

richard blank
richard blank

⁣If the client says my name, in the body of the call, I hit Nirvana, I got it, I nailed the bull’s eye. We can talk about Billy’s baseball game and your promotion that you just had or the company adversary for a second because I don’t feel like I’m angling a call or stuffing something in there. I believe that anybody has the chance to make that connection. And it just doesn’t have to be in an office environment. It could be at the supermarket, it could be at the library could be anywhere. If someone make such an impression where someone says Richard, nice to meet you. It’s a pleasure. I did my job. And then the rest just comes from that.

Per Gamification, Richard Blank has the largest collection of restored American Pinball machines and antique Rockola Jukeboxes in Central America. Find out how this hobby turned into a big part of CCC’s gamification culture.

The pandemic was one of the biggest tests for companies, and learning how to navigate those waters and thrive was nothing short of ordinary. Costa Rica’s Call Center had a unique way to deal with this, let’s find out more!

When dealing with a high turnover, proper training implies nurturing the soft skills needed to deal with difficult situations. Richard has some simple but effective techniques he uses. Find out more!

Tailoring personalized experiences for customers is the key to customer retention. Richard talks about the skills that should be nurtured, and he’s using in trainings.

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