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richard blank
Published on 04 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣Christian: One of the things that you’ve said before, is nobody guarantees time, you have to earn it. You’ve also talked about the 30 seconds rule. I know we’ve elaborated a little bit on some of the secret sauce that you were talking about earlier. But why 30 seconds? And you know, what do you have to do to earn that time?

Richard: You have to be sincere, and have no surprises. If you want to use a technique, then I would listen twice more than speak so at least you can lead the conversation on.

Focus on the pronoun

But if you’re asking me to speak, I think you do one or two things: I always believe in name-drops to keep your attention. So I would say Christian, the next point I’m making, if you’re not going to say ‘Christian’ five times in one minute, then I think you should focus on the pronoun.

So at least every sentence, I can say ‘you’re/your’ and do about a quarter second slide on that. Because I can’t see you. I can’t see you nodding right now, I have to ensure that my communication and the best words to use is your name or the pronoun which is still you to keep your attention for the 30 seconds because we’re going to zone out.

I mean, we’ve been almost conditioned to listen to things in sound bites, so at least what I’ll try to do is bring you in, ask a question and tie it down.

So I’ll take 30 seconds. And what I will try to do once again is to allow you to lead the conversation, I will make suggestions, I will actively listen, I’ll be your greatest fan. But I will also do a form of manipulation in order for you to once again control this conversation.

So I know when to ask you a question or keeping my mouth shut.

The structure of a conversation

Quality assurance is graded on so many KPIs depending on the client in the form of the speech. I give the most points, Christian, when the client says your name, the simple structure of a conversation is an introduction, a body, and a conclusion for anything.

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