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Garry Gary Beers INXS bassist rock music performance video

richard blank
richard blank

A podcast interview combined with the strong curiosity of a proud member of my favorite band INXS brought me to After carefully navigating the site, one section offered to “HIRE GARRY!” on a track. Naturally, I was very interested in all of the additional options associated with the bass session. As luck would have it, my company produced a song, "Shine like the sun" performed by the Costa Rican guitarist Igni Ferroque. Filling out a form to contact Garry Gary Beers was an unbelievable surreal request that was cool in and of itself.

I highly recommend Mr. Garry Gary Beers. The working relationship was easy and stress free. My firsthand knowledge involved the attention to detail, clarity to avoid miscommunication and the generosity of his sincere efforts. Experiencing a comfortable first time business deal was a pleasure. The financial investment in working with Mr. Beers was worth the extemporaneous chance to meet a multi-platinum bass guitarist. Most importantly, the bonus of sharing his music and imagination with fans.

In conclusion, I am a very satisfied customer of Mr. Beers and admire his ingenuity on this special project.

Richard Blank
Costa Rica's Call Center
Loyal INXS Fan

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"Shine Like The Sun" rock song by Igni Ferroque.Garry Gary Beers INXS bassist performance video.

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