Miss Channa DJ - Music Producer energizes COSTA RICAS CALL CENTER

richard blank
richard blank

"Nice place to work I would say. Can I work there also?"

The famous hardcore music Disc Jockey from Holland starts off the video with a hit, "Hey people from COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER. It is Miss Channa over here".

Her slick style follows through on a fan's personal request, "I received a message today from Grace and she wanted to give you all a special shout out because...because COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER is 10 years in business, I heard."

In order to be one of the leading producers of up tempo beats, Miss Channa knows first hand how important rhythm can be to make a positive medium experience. She acknowledges a happy place when she feels it, "It is an amazing place to work. I heard also..."

The talent artist admires our art deco building with bright neon marquees on both corners. Fun loving Europeans enjoy their retro pinball machines too and can appreciate an authentic 1950's cafe experience.

Traveling from one french core DJ show to another, Miss Channa likes to travel in style and notes our smooth option to special guests, "An awesome limo, a Mercedes! Very nice. Very nice."

Miss Channa shows her clever side by making a very astute joke. Naturally, we would love to have her work with us at CCC. Yet, she sees a small challenge and says that she was kidding regarding working at the call center. The reason,"bit far away from here". 9,083 Kilometers to be exact from Costa Rica to Holland.

Finally, Miss Channa ends the presentation with the final well wishes, "But, nonetheless to say have a great celebrating and a nice day. Bye everybody!"

The entire CCC staff loved your smile and energy. Thank you for taking the time and effort. It is clear why you shine and can get a party moving with positive vibes. We look forward to following your exciting career and hope you can DJ in Costa Rica one day. PURA VIDA MISS CHANNA!


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