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iAllegedly Email Update for Early July 2022


⁣Welcome to the iAllegedly Early July 2022 Email Update.

Can you believe that we are halfway through 2022 already? Use this time to get your house in order. Change the A/C and Furnace Filter. Check the batteries on your smoke detectors. Use this time for planning short and long term goals. Now is the time to get a financial checkup on everything in your life. Know your bills, know your assets and get some solid advice on where you're headed.

Please share any news with us that you think others would want to hear. You can email us at

What do you want me to talk about on the channel?

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Chopper0389 2 years ago

I’m going to try to email you some pics of Marion Co, Florida “The Villages” You wouldn’t believe the construction here !! Unbelievable Dan. Talked to a builder yesterday, they are going to swimming pool construction only, No more remodel jobs because they can’t get building supplies, windows are 36 weeks out as of yesterday.. He said most of the pool stuff he can get with no problem. However he has to order the concrete a few weeks out and if they have to cancel due to weather or forms collapse due to rain here in Florida, could set them back weeks.. I will try to get some aerial photos of my area…. Keep up the good work !! We love watching ya.. you and ninja are my primary news source.. Happy 4th to you and your family…

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Tooeassy 2 years ago

Hi Dan you're the best ok UTUBE John and Jacqueline from the UK
....Daily Telegraph UK airline chaos hundreds of flights being cancelled 1000s holidays cancelled, I sold half my pension holdings for cash, we moved house in the first lockdown, to a brand new maintenance free house and with the surplus cash bought a small rental property for cash, we have joined a new gym, and my wife encouraged me to take up water colour painting,.and I've engaged a financial adviser to help me build generational wealth, enough said, we want to have a trip to the states an would love to meet you and take you out for dinner, so let me know how and when

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iAllegedly 2 years ago

Sounds great. I’m planning on a trip to the UK as well.

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hogasoris 2 years ago

Dan house next door just dropped the price by 70k in week one Melbourne FL ---___--- Race to the bottom

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iAllegedly 2 years ago

Wow. It is starting to happen in a big way

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