iAllegedly Email Update for Mid May 2022


Welcome to the email update for iAllegedly for mid May 2022. There is so much to be covered right now. Everyone needs to prepare.

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Cristi 2 years ago

Thank you for all of your research and information.

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loopahoop 2 years ago

I watch your videos everyday . live in the desert so cal ,Enjoy seeing the parks and ocean views, and your economic advice and updates ......

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eyeinsky 2 years ago

Hi Dan. Love your videos. I lived in Dana Point, Newport Beach, and I still love California. It still my most favorite place except for the prices of things. Keep up all the good work. My wife and I watch you whenever we can.

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PeeDeeBee 2 years ago

Hi Dan, I am new to your show. My sister gave me a link to your YouTube channel earlier this year and have been watching you ever since! I appreciate all the info you present; especially the global views and news you have access to. Knowing that the globe is in turmoil really makes things more clear and helps me realize more how I can help make a difference in my small part of the world. Thanks for the chance to enter your silver give away too! What a great idea for your channel! Blessings and keep up the great work!

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KathyH 2 years ago

Hi Dan. I've been watching regularly but just signed up. Love that you show California in a positive light. There are so many negative stories about California. Everybody hates us. I'm a long-time OC resident, now retired to Murrieta, which is booming, for the moment. Keep up the good work.

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