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iAllegedly Email Update for Mid September 2022


This is the email update for a iAllegedly for Mid September 2022

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Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark 2 years ago

Gosh, thank you for all you post here! And another Hello from Georgia! I was told by my bank I could not withdraw my 1k because they did not have it. So I requested an appointment with the manager and was informed they were out of the office and would not return for 2 weeks. Kindly, I zipped to another location and was informed that the office manager was unavailable for the rest of the week. So here I am wasting gas and pulling money out of bank ATMs. :(

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James762 2 years ago

Hello from Georgia....Thank you. I always enjoy your "Will Rodgers" common sense updates.

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bdcochran 2 years ago

scamming is not new. I donate blood at Cedars-Sinai. Valet takes photos of all sides of car when dropped off. Why? Rich people try to claim that the car was damaged by the valet! I always check the car servicing after an oil change, etc. Why? Because mechanics come and go. How about sitting at Santa Monica Toyota for a warranty repair with an appointment for hours with a guarantee that a part was in-only to be told that the part was not in and there was an estimate for $1300 in repairs? Went to my regular mechanic-had the repairs done for less than $300, came back to dealer for the warranty part and was told at the next appointment that the part was not needed! Dan, this is not recent.

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