iAllegedly LA Angels Ticket Information for Monday April 11th


We are going to the game Monday night April 11, 2022. Here's information on how we will be distributing the tickets. We will use the MLB Ballpark app. The tickets will be forwarded through the app.

Please reach out if you have any questions at

I want to remind you all of two things. Number one, you supported a great charity in Joseph Dreamhouse. Number Two, For those of you that donated your tickets they are going to the local boys and girls club. Children that may not have been able to attend a baseball game are going to go because of you. You did a really good thing all the way around by buying one of these tickets.

See you at the game! Dan

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Jasnic13 2 years ago

I would've loved to attend but I live in St. Louis so I donated mine and it sounds like they went to a very good cause.

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iAllegedly 2 years ago

We donated the tickets to the boys and girls club. You did a good thing. You helped two different organizations with one donation

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