Jesus, Issa and Isso - 217


⁣How the koranic Jesus, who has no credibility other than that of revelations, private, of Mohammed, more than half a millennium after the historical Jesus, could he to be more real than This one ? The influence of judaism talmudic not wanting of Jesus for Messiah, for Savior, can be seen in the Koran in the fact that Jesus is dispossessed of His Name, which means « God saves ! », in arabic : Yasou’, for Issa, that means nothing in arabian, but refers to a jewish insult built on the name of Esau, in arabic ‘Isso, the Jacob's elder brother, the fool who sold his birthright for a plate of lentils (Gn 25.29-34) : Isso/Issa. Jewish's antichrist and its offspring islamic are both based by the refusal of Christ and of His Church. Thus, « No one goes to the Father but only through Me, says Jesus. (Jn 14.6) »

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