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The amazing video begins with class, style and a million dollar smile, "Hey, Hi there. It's really my pleasure to give a big big shout out to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER. And Happy 12th anniversary. From me, Kathleen Bradley aka: Mrs. Parker. aka: your favorite Barker's Beauty." Kathleen Bradley is an American former model, former singer, actress and host. Our offshore BPO company has a huge fan base.

"Hey you guys, you have to thank your boss for this. The best boss in the world I understand. That's Richard! Hey Richard the best boss and my biggest fan. I really appreciate it." Bradley is primarily known as a "Barker's Beauty" on the CBS daytime game show The Price Is Right from 1990 until 2000. The boss of CCC grew up watching the show when he took a day off from high school to relax at home. Telemarketers need rest between hitting metrics.

"I am shouting out to everybody. I understand that you have a beautiful building. That's art deco. I love art deco. That was a great era and so flamboyant. But I guess it is only fitting since you are in Costa Rica." Bradley is noted as the first permanent African-American model on the show. Not only does she have good taste, but Kathleen can understand that a happy and pretty work environment produces the best work. Not all call centers need to be a boiler room. Our 3 floor building in Barrio Aranjuez is the crown jewel of San Jose.

"Ok. I would love to come there one day and visit. And I understand that, that building is special where you work in that you have some goodies there. You have a neon marquee. Gotta have one of those. "Bradley won the "Miss Black California" award in 1971. When your name is in lights, especially neon, you tend to shine. Nearshore BPO in Costa Rica shines bright and will attract the best talent.

"And what is it? A jukebox. Oh my G-d, I love juke boxes. I grew up with Jukeboxes. And I love to remembr putting in the money in and choosing the little numbers and letters for which artist that you wanted to hear. And that was always so special. "In the 1970s, Bradley was part of two short-lived disco groups, The Love Machine and Destination. CCC will look for your 45s to play on our machines. A classic feel with smooth music can always put our customer service employees at ease and in a good mood when receiving inbound calls.

"You guys have an arcade there. Oh my goodness. And American pinball machines. Well, that's got to be a lot of fun. But let me ask you this, do you guys ever get any work done? That place sounds too good to be true. That sounds like a place that I would love to come and work. I would like that very much." Bradley played the role of Mrs. Parker in the 1995 movie Friday. Good times and employee bonding are two things that make CCC the best gamification call center culture offshore.

Traveling in luxury and comfort makes a difference when rewarding a car on a game show. Kathleen knows a good prize when she sees one, "In the meantime, I think I also heard that you have a vintage Mercedes Limo. Now that limousine, is that something where you have one of your employees there. I think she is known as one of the Barker's Beauties. Would that be Ms. Pura Vida? Are you doing the right hand gestures? A new limo...A new car.. And holding up the signs appropriately. It takes work. I tell ya!" Bradley, along with longtime model Janice Pennington, was released from her modeling duties on The Price Is Right in October 2000, shortly after having testified during the lawsuit for slander and defamation of character host Bob Barker filed against model Holly Hallstrom. Barker lost his suit against Hallstrom and afterward fired Bradley, Pennington and other show staffers whose testimony contradicted Barker's. She accepted an undisclosed monetary settlement and did not pursue litigation. A healthy work environment is a productive one. Perks are given through merit not a favor when promoting our call center staff.

The video concludes with some final happy thoughts, " But, anyway you guys, Hey...stay safe and G-d bless you all. And it has been my pleasure chatting with you and giving a little shout out And ocne again, Happy 12th anniversary to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER." In June 2014, Bradley released her memoirs, Backstage at The Price Is Right: Memoirs of a Barker Beauty.

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this Cameo. PURA VIDA KATHLEEN.


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