⁣MISSI PYLE does a telemarketing role playing class with COSTA RICAS CALL CENTER

richard blank
richard blank

"Well hello Richard's staff.I'm assuming that is people?"Andrea Kay Pyle known professionally as Missi Pyle, is an American actress and singer.

"Hi friends! How many of you are there? What is going on?" Scarlett Beauregarde, the beautiful blonde mother from the movie "Charlie and the chocolate factory", starts the sweet video with a many questions for our telemarketers.

"12 years you have been hanging out with this Richard? How is that going? How is that going for you.? I do not know anything about this Richard." Pyle has appeared in various television series and movies and is considered a very talented singer as well. She has many fans at CCC. Pyle attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and graduated in 1995. For her achievements, Pyle was honored by the Poplar Pike Playhouse at her alma mater Germantown High School in Germantown, Tennessee.

"All I know is he into neon. Is that a possibility?" The 3 story art deco building in Barrio Aranjuez has multiple vintage neon marquees. Actors, along with BPO agents, can enhance their work when in a positive environment that looks cool and stylish.

"Maybe some jukeboxes, and pinball machines too? Eleven pinball machines? My address is 111111 main street. Please send me he other ten because I would like to have those." CCC has the largest free play retro arcade game room for employees to relax and have fun. A solid gamification call center culture was created.

"Also, a 300D Mercedes. you know what? I will take the Mercedes limousine." All guests are picked up at SJO and driven in comfort and luxury to the closest beach or the call center for an onsite visit. Naturally, Missi deserves to be driven around Central America in a classic Lang.

Missi explains how certain office perks would assist in making an educated career decision, "Here is what I am wondering. Does Richard drive you around in the limousine? Because I feel like That would be important for me if I were working with Richard."Pyle played Jake's Elementary School teacher Ms. Pasternak on Two and a Half Men.

"If not, let's do a training. You guys are a call center, right? Let's do a training.This is what you need to say to Richard." An amazing performance as Violet's single mother, Scarlett Beauregarde in the Tim Burton movie whose own competitive personality appears to have had an influence on her daughter, as Scarlett expresses pride over Violet's 263 trophies and medals. Missi is the perfect person to take our outsourcing agents to the next level of competition. Obviously, she was casted perfectly as the image of a very confident and attractive woman with the ability of solid parenting to produce a winner.

The priceless role playing continues with a real A level acting coach from Hollywood, "Pretend like, I am Richard. You would say Hello Richard. An then, be like, oh, take a look at my limo.I have a big limo. This is all hostage negotiating to say you have a big limo And then he tells you a little more about his big limo. And then, you just have to say I feel like I would be a better employee if I was picked up in that...if I knew what it was like to be more like you and ride around...I would be a better employee. So just ah, maybe ride around and say that and you know. And then, I will be Richard and I will say, yes please. I am going to pick you up tomorrow in the limo.

"Anyway, Costa Rica. Probably my favorite country on the planet. I would like to be there immediately right now instead of next to the freeway in Los Angeles. I am not right next to the freeway, but there is not a lot of traffic so I can actually hear it pretty well." The pandemic has made international travel near impossible since the borders have been closed. We hope that you can come and visit soon.

"Anyway, Pura Vida. So as they say. As you say. I wish I was there with you right now. And I hope that you all are taking care of yourselves." In 2008, Missi starred in the Broadway play Boeing-Boeing The play closed in January 2009.

Missi goes the extra mile to acknowledge the hard work of the CEO, "And Richard, you sound like a pretty good boss.

"So, at this point I may never be acting again. So, maybe I can get a job there." Missi is very talented and we look forward to following her bright career. In addition to acting, Pyle has also worked as a musician. With actress Shawnee Smith, she served as half of Smith & Pyle, a country rock duo.The two actresses have also become business partners and formed their own record label called Urban Prairie Records

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this personal video. Thank you MISSI. Stay safe and PURA VIDA.

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