richard blank
richard blank

⁣Permission to Kick Ass Podcast: Episode 84 with Richard Blank. Sales trainer call centre.

Angie Colee's Permission to Kick Ass gives you a virtual “seat at the bar” for the REAL conversations that happen between entrepreneurs. This isn't another "X ways to Y your Z" tactical show. It's about the challenges and struggles every entrepreneur goes through as they grow. We talk about losing 80% of your business in a matter of weeks, head trash that keeps you stuck playing small, and everything in between. If you’ve ever worried that you're the only one struggling, that everyone else “gets it” and you’re missing something (or messing things up)... this show’s for you. Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to the Permission to Kick Ass podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you stream your podcasts.

My guest today, Richard Blank had a vision from an early age — to do work that would fulfill his needs vs society’s expectations. With that as his guiding compass, his path led him to Costa Rica where he eventually became the CEO of a call center. But Richard’s vision goes far beyond him… what I love about his business is how much intention he puts into paying it forward. Listen now for some major inspiration!

Richard wasn’t willing to compromise his dreams of creating a life he loved. He brings that same passion and dedication to his business, day in and day out. To find someone so true to their ethics in business is rare and refreshing. This episode is jam-packed full of perspective shifting insight to running a people-first business. If you’re looking to strengthen the relationships within your biz (hint: you absolutely should be, if you’re not already!) this one’s for you.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

Ever looked at someone else’s life and thought “I wish I could do that?” Great news: YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN! I lovingly request you take notes as Richard and I break down what it takes to live a life where you stay true to yourself.

The surprising thing you can give to anyone, anywhere, in any situation that will immediately de-escalate tensions and build a ton of loyalty and goodwill. This is how Richard cracked the code on scaling his business and getting people to LOVE working with him.

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