RANDALL CUNNINGHAM scores a huge running touchdown play with COSTA RICAS CALL CENTER fans!

richard blank
richard blank

⁣RANDALL CUNNINGHAM scores a huge running touchdown play with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER fans!

The video begins in star studded fashion, "Ah, hello. Ha ha."

"It's Randall Cunningham calling." CCC favorite NFL QB, Randall Wade Cunningham Sr played in the NFL for 16 seasons, primarily with the Philadelphia Eagles.
"Is this the Costa Rica's Call Center?" Not only was Randall the most exciting QB, our nearshore outsourcing services can always score a touchdown by closing the deal with clients.

"Are there any Randall Cunningham fans over there?" Too many to count. He has a huge fan base in the Central America BPO industry. Cunningham was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2016. Cunningham was also inducted into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame in 2000.

"Is Richard around?" Yes and been in CR for the past 20 years as a leading telemarketing trainer. An actual fan from Philadelphia that has seen you play live in Veterans Stadium at the northeast corner of Broad Street and Pattison.
"Anyway, I wanted to give an Eagles hello to the staff there from the favorite QB RC."

The video concludes with a reminder of greatness, "#12 Philadelphia Eagles."

"I heard that you celebrated your 12th year anniversary in business."

"Come on...That is what I am talking about!"

"Congratulations. I wish many more on you. Much more success." Feeling as if the fans and organization did not fully appreciate his contributions to the team's success, as well as being unhappy with his role as a back-up, Cunningham retired from football after the 1995 season.He left Philadelphia with the third most rushing yards in Eagles history, with 4,482, On August 15, 2002, Cunningham signed a one-day contract with the Philadelphia Eagles to officially announce his retirement.CCC will continue to be a leader in the call centre industry and will set the bar in Latin America.
"I hear about the art deco building that you guys are kicking it in." In his final 10 NFL seasons, Cunningham played in only 80 games, but finished his 16-year career completing 2,429 of his 4,289 attempts for 29,979 yards and 207 touchdowns, with 134 interceptions. He was sacked 484 times, third-most all time behind (2nd) John Elway with 516 sacks, and (1st) Brett Favre with 525 sacks. Our beautiful structure located on the corner of 11th avenue and 23rd street in Barrio Aranjuez. The best must perform in the most impressive structures. As Randall graced the field in the most exciting stadiums, our telemarketers can feel proud working in a positive work culture and location.
Yep, the neon marquees." Cunningham also rushed for 4,928 yards on 775 carries and 35 touchdowns. He retired after the 2001 season as the NFL's all-time leader in rushing yards and carries for the quarterback position, (a record broken in 2011 by Michael Vick), and tied for fourth with Steve Grogan in rushing touchdowns by a quarterback . All great names should be displayed bright and proud. CCC has the sharpest neon lights that enhance our telemarketing experience.

"Ah ha, the Jukebox arcade. That is what I am talking about!" Cunningham also averaged 30.6 rushing yards per game during his career—second most all-time for quarterbacks, behind Michael Vick. WE encourage a fun work environment and have supplied the call centre with a jukebox for each floor and our onsite 1950s cafe.

"And the American pinball" Work life balance is essential and has contributed to a decrease in attrition and increase in production. A gamification call centre culture was created at CCC and has assisted in building a successful work force that is able to bond.CCC has the largest collection of Pinball in Central America with 11 machines.

"The 1984, that's when I cam e into the league, Mercedes Limo! We call it a Benzo." In July 2012, Cunningham was named the 23rd greatest quarterback of the NFL's post-merger era, according to Football Nation. Our clients are met at SJO for a luxury ride in comfort and style.

The video continues with a dose of international relations, "Anyway, I am supposed to say Pura Vida #12. I don't know what that means, but I hope you do. Ha Ha." The ticos love when people acknowledge the laid back "pure life " culture. It can also be noted on phone calls with clients where the telemarketers make the conversation a first call resolution and positive experience.

"G-d bless you all." In March 2013, Cunningham authored Lay It Down: How Letting Go Brings Out Your Best . The book shows readers how to work out the “lay it down” principle in all phases of life.
in Conclusion, Randall ends the personal Cameo with one final thought, "Shout out from Randall Cunningham. Philadelphia Eagles. have a good one. Much success."

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