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Published on 23 Feb 2022 / In People & Blogs

At Costa Rica’s Call Center, we are confident enough in our bilingual telemarketing expertise that we are willing to disclose a sample of our nearshore BPO training for the curious. Our Latin American advanced telemarketing course has been highly rated for our extensive call center knowledge in the areas of interpersonal communication, conflict management and phonetics. We invite all companies interested in outsourcing to discover why Costa Rica’s Call Center ranks among the best in bilingual communication techniques for Costa Rican telemarketers.

From day one, our new customer service and sales agents go through our specialized Early System Programming (ESP) where we train BPO agents in increasing their level of intensity and persistence of behavior. Many courageous people initially display an interest in making outbound cold calls, but not everyone has the ability to be a professional bilingual telemarketer that produces results. A call center agent may be highly intelligent according to a more conservative definition yet unmotivated to dedicate this intelligence to certain outbound BPO telemarketing campaigns.

A call center’s psychology of selling over the phone will be the initial BPO topic covered. The telemarketer’s mind is focused on how to prevail over rejection and to uncover a physical stamina to handle a minimum of 8 hours of quality outbound phone calls a day. Each bilingual agent’s fear of telemarketing is addressed openly and resolved with compassion. Prevention for call center burn out is discussed and will be closely monitored daily for each Central American trainee. This key observation will filter out potential quitters while promoting BPO career team members for your company. At Costa Rica’s Call Center, we are not hard on our nearshore call center staff, we hand pick and train them to work hard at making your offshore campaign successful.

Bilingual phonetics is often discussed and is encouraged as an ongoing study for mastery. Practice calls are always recorded, analyized and studied during every training session and will cover level one (easy close) to level five (non-stop rebuttal) types of telemarketing calls and customer service escalations. An analysis provided from a detailed checklist will judge the agent’s tone, rate, pitch, duration, pause, pregnant pause, delivery and timing of open and close-ended questions. Video taping a call center phone call in progress involves the same phonetics study along with non-verbal communication to understanding how body posture, facial expressions, hands as an illustrator and motion can dramatically improve a voice and projection. All BPO trainees must be a third party observer in order to make the necessary mental changes themselves. The only way anyone can make great strides in career building self-improvement when is to be humbled by their own criticism. Self monitoring and reflection is what will make your telemarketing team rank among the most proficient sounding in the business and will create long term BPO agents for your offshore project.

A mandatory call center training quiz at the end of every BPO class is necessary to make sure that the Latin American agents know how to handle our system and have a confident understanding of your outsourced material taught that day. The offshore campaign information plus advanced rhetoric are a minimum of two written and oral exams that must be passed by all bilingual team members. As the nearshore telemarketing training is near completion, several test calls will be made to you for final approval of the script and our team members ability to properly speak for your company.

Costa Rica’s Call Center operates all bilingual BPO training sessions in a low pressure environment. In the beginning of call center training, it is very important to build a comfort level with our processes before they are on their own. During this stage, they have to get comfortable handling customer service and sales issues very quickly before they are approved to make a single call for your company. The faster the agents get on the phone and take a call will improve their learning curve, become more efficient faster and would decrease their ramp-up time.

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Richard Blank is the Chief Executive Officer for Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Mr. Blank relocated to Costa Rica to train over 500 employees for one of the larger call centers in Central America.

By utilizing his motivational public speaking style backed by tactful and appropriate rhetoric, Richard has successfully prepared and managed some of the finest telemarketers in the country for the past twenty one years.

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