⁣Santa placed Costa Rica's Call Center on the list for presents this year!

richard blank
richard blank

The special holiday video begins in a classic manner, "Hello. It's me Santa."

"Coming to you live from the North Pole with this special shout out to all my friends on the staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER." Santa understands that telemarketers in the offshore BPO industry deserve presents too.

"Congratulations guys on celebrating your 12th year anniversary in business." Every day an organization continues is a gift in any industry. Santa's acknowledgement of our hard work ethics and high morale makes the outsourcing companies proud of our actions in Central America. This will keep us on Santa's list for a visit every year..

"I really enjoy, when I come down, the classic art deco building" We love when Santa visits and brings presents. The 3 floor building on the corner of 23rd street and 11th Avenue in Barrio Aranjuez is the jewel of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the structure does not have a chimney. Yet, an extra large glass front door that can easily accommodate Santa and all of his reindeer inside for milk and cookies.

"neon marquees, jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines" Santa needs some time to relax during Christmas eve. Our gamification arcade provides Jolly Old Nick a retro gaming experience to recharge his batteries. Our telemarketing staff increases their bonding and morale during breaks. Even the boss challenges his staff to an American pinball tournament ever now and again.

"And you vintage limousine for your VIP guests." Santa would enjoy traveling to the beach in style and comfort. Yet, the 1984 Lang would be too slow to reach every home in time.

"You guys really know how to make a guy feel welcome." There is an open invitation for Santa to visit our offshore BPO call center. Obviously, everyone loves Santa and is well received where he goes all year long.

"Here is to 50 more years or unbridled success as you continue to make people happy." CCC strives to give all those that spend time with our organization the best and most positive experience. The outsourcing industry can be grueling. Yet, how we nurture our call center culture enables us to surpass a decade and will fulfill Santa's wish of 50 more years of stellar customer support over the phone.

The video ends with the most famous line which makes Santa a legend, "Merry Christmas .HO HO HO"

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this special shout out. Pura Vida y Feliz Navidad Papa Noel!


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