⁣Steven Galanis Cameo CEO & Co- Founder invests his valuable time to share wisdom with COSTA RIC

richard blank
richard blank

"I know how hard it is to keep anything live that long.But, 10 years is a major milestone".

Steven Galanis Cameo CEO & Co- Founder invests his valuable time to share wisdom with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

Following up leadership by example, the CEO starts the video strong with high energy and big smiles, "Hey, this is Steven Galanis from Cameo. I am coming here live from Cameo HQ here in Chicago"

The entire staff at CCC appreciates the time and effort in making this presentation.

"I just want to congratulate COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER on your 10th year anniversary in business" We admire the innovation of Steven's vision and gladly accept the compliment, Without question, CCC will return the favor with a CEO + 200 person shout out video when Cameo hits their decade in business too! We have some serious talent as well.

There is nothing better than a company that has solid footing and reputation. Steven has a proud grin as he backs up the solid track record of his creation, "Cameo is about 3 years old right now". Bottom line facts exhibit a strong foundation for Cameo. Plus, the ability to scale with Steven's specific type of guidance and structure is encouraged to fulfill requests of clients. The video clearly backs up the position on why Cameo has a successful CEO and keeps growing!

Since Cameo has shown their classy office style and fun environment, Steven decided to comment on our Costa Rican Call Center culture. He has heard about or cool art deco building and neon marquees. The Cameo co- founder also admires our cool office environment by mentioning large collection of retro pinball machines for our employees on free play. Matching a tasty option for hungry staff, Steven talks about of authentic 1950's cafe as well.

Knowing how important a company's image can be for visitors, CCC style of transportation is noted. Steven shows his persona via a small touch of envy, "The Mercedes limo for guests. I am pretty jealous".We are more than positive that Cameo's restored limo will be just as famous as it cruses the streets of CHI TOWN with your selected passengers.

Steven Galanis ends the video by wanting to come and visit CCC. He is quoted by saying, " Hopefully, I will get the invite to Costa Rica one of these days. Have a great day!"
There is a VIP open invitation to visit sunny Costa Rica anytime my man. Pura Vida STEVEN!


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