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richard blank
richard blank

⁣The Swamp Talk Podcast. An awesome vintage pinball machine collector in Costa Rica joins the show!

Hosted by the Dillon Street Boys (Sean Miller & Corey Busch, and Bret), three buds from the swamps of Brattlebrook who had a couple of drinks, and made a podcast. Hear about stupid people doing stupid things, facts about things you didn't know, things you don't care to know, but now you do. The boys have also started to invite other guests to join them. Meet new people while also hearing about dumb stuff. We are Podcasters, wrestlers and park rangers!

Episode 68. We are joined by the awesome Richard Blank, CEO. In this episode we talked about Richard's pinball machine collection, which is the largest collection of restored American Pinball machines and antique Rockola Jukeboxes in Central America, and how Richard got started in career. Then we got to our usual shenanigans, like jobs, a man who got stuck in a pizza shop, Elon Musk's step mother-sister, Halloween, an Irish guy who bought a plane ticket to find his lost luggage, a guy who ran from police on a riding mower, and so much more!

1. Interpersonal Communication Conflict Management Strategy

2. Phonetic Micro Expression reading for mastering verbal tell signs.

3. The Famous Buffer-Boomerang Technique

Advanced telemarketing strategy, conflict management, interpersonal soft skills, customer support, rhetoric, gamification, pinball machines, employee motivation and phonetic micro expression reading.

Richard’s vision quest journey is filled with twists and turns. At 27 years old, he relocated to Costa Rica to train employees for one of the larger call centers in San Jose. With a mix of motivational public speaking style backed by tactful and appropriate rhetoric, Richard shared his knowledge and trained over 10 000 bilingual telemarketers over two decades.

Richard Blank has the largest collection of restored American Pinball machines and antique Rockola Jukeboxes in Central America making gamification a strong part of CCC culture.Richard Blank is the Chief Executive Officer for Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008.

Mr. Richard Blank holds a bachelors degree in Communication and Spanish from the University of Arizona and a certificate of language proficiency from the University of Sevilla, Spain.

A Keynote speaker for Philadelphia's Abington High School 68th National Honors Society induction ceremony. In addition, entered into the 2023 Hall of Fame for Business along side other famous alumni. Paying it forward to Abington Senior High School is very important to Mr. Blank. As such, he endows a scholarship each year for students that plan on majoring in a world language at the university level.

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The Dillon Street Boys. The Swamp Talk Podcast guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center.

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