THE NICHE NAVIGATOR .How to handle call centers sales . A unique niche with Richard Blank

richard blank
richard blank

Munira Zahabi empowers entrepreneurs to embrace their gifts and grow their businesses.

Munira showcases new guests who share their experiences, tips, and advice for listeners to grow their business. Our goal is to keep you motivated so that you can achieve your goals and follow your dreams. We are working hard to improve your day and push you to be your best!! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur or are just thinking of being one, we hope an episode of Munira Zahabi will inspire you to watch, learn and Execute. Richard Blank CEO of Costa Rica’s Call Center. Richard’s journey in the call center space is filled with twists and turns. In this episode he shares - Chaos represents Character- Plants seeds to grow trees- Be an Active listenerShowcase your niche! Be a guest on a Podcast!Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find your Niche?Are you an entrepreneur who has Nailed Your Niche but struggling to find your ideal clients?Learn how to Nail your Niche and Give your Business a Voice. I'm MUNIRA ZAHABI, aka THE NICHE NAVIGATORSubscribe if you're looking for:• INSPIRATION• ENTHUSIASM • COLLABORATION• RAPPORT BUILDING• SYNERGYMISSION: Empower entrepreneurs to share their expertise, enriching discussions with valuable insights.VISION: 1. Inspire entrepreneurs to utilize the OPA Principle - Other People's Audiences as a marketing tool.2. Help entrepreneurs niche down and broadcast it. 3. Encourage entrepreneurs to expand their network by showcasing their expertise and nurturing diverse relationships. VALUES: Confidence, Self Promotion, Networking, Relationship Building, Subject Matter Expert, Public SpeakingThank you for being here!I have always loved people and books!!!!Being a life long reader and learner is deeply rooted in my DNA.I love people and have a curious personality. I love cheering people and sharing tough love, and having an optimistic attitude are ALL part of who I am.I still LOVE to people trying to get their next BIG WIN!It’s the same part of me that can’t help but…ANSWER strangers’ questions in Facebook groups. REPLY back to every confused creator that reaches out being on a podcast. SHARE with other entrepreneurs the literal ins and outs of how I create all of my content.BUT, LET’S TAKE IT BACK A FEW STEPS…BEFORE publishing 400+ podcast episodes & 400+ YouTube videos…BEFORE being asked to speak on stages and podcasts... BEFORE publishing an Amazon Best Seller…Back in 2014...I was a tired caretaker of a husband who had multiple health issues.. I was laid off my dream job....I tried my hands at other corporate jobs that were not fulfilling me anymore.So there I was...Frustrated and tired ....Soaking in all of the influencers like John Maxwell, Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins to name a few on a new platform ...podcasts!!!I had my unique experiences If they can do it I can to!!! AND I DID!!Now, I help entrepreneurs– Give their Business a Voice!As The Niche Navigator I know what it’s like to try new things and put yourself out there. Sometimes things work.Sometimes they don’t.“I don’t know what I’m doing,” was a phrase I played on repeat for many years. I’ve been all too familiar with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.So if you’re an entrepreneur who has ever felt like…You are lost and overwhelmed trying to figure out a marketing strategy....You need a plan to help you figure out what marketing strategy to create next....You are confused about why you’re audience isn’t growing....You know you are not connecting with your audience, but you’re not sure how to fix....You need an optimistic cheerleader and a strategist “who’s been there” to help you breathe *LIFE* into your content. You need an optimistic cheerleader and content-obsessed strategist “who’s been there” to help you breathe *LIFE* into your content. Whether it’s collaborating together for an hour, 5 sessions, or hiring me to help you put you on a podcast– I have many options for us to work together to grow your business and serve your audience with confidence…LET'S WORK TOGETHER MUNIRA ZAHABI - CEO AKA The Niche NavigatorBorn in Nairobi, and lived in Tanzania, I grew up seeing my parents and family members nurse a scarcity mindset and a belief system that left them behind in all decision making. My family members struggled and lacked the freedom to make their dreams a reality. I wanted something for myself and has set my sails to navigating to achieving it. Having moved to the USA as an immigrant, and worked in the corporate world, I have excelled in the field of sales and sales podcaster-ship. #CostaRica #CallCenter #Outsourcing #Telemarketing #BPO #Sales #Entrepreneur #B2B #Business #Podcast #Gamification #CEO #THENICHENAVIGATOR

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