The re-election of caliph Erdogan -191


⁣In a few days will take place in Turkey the presidential election, and although the turkish Constitution prohibits to Erdogan from re-representing oneself, there are of serious risks that he be re-elected. Why that? Because he claims to serve of Allah, and that in the eyes of poor people confusing Allah and the true God, don't vote for Erdogan will be reject Allah ... Since its origins islam diverts to its advantage the popular religiosity. Thus Erdogan multiplies the conflicts for the glory of Allah, that means his own. Thus, he occupies a part of Cyprus, of the Syria, bomb the Kurds, destroys Armenia, covets the Greek islands, fore outside turkish territorial waters, supports the muslim brotherhood, re-islamizes Turkey, etc. His adversaries have then interest to present themselves also to service of Allah. And Europe to be beware of new caliph who every year celebrates with great fanfare the capture of Constantinople!

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