Welcome to the iAllegedly Email Update for Mid March 2022


Welcome to the Mid March 2020 to email update for iAllegedly. So much is happening with the channel and here is your update.

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dominickolas 2 years ago

Dan, I like your perspective. I am US based, so I like to have a national focus. What I would like is to see what you think are the indicators when things are getting better or worse. Ie, when Interest rates get so high, how low would inflation get for them to stop it, and or what would have to happen with the jobless rate? I like the anecdotes to help us see the big picture and connecting the dots. For example, I went home shopping in March, they told me gotta buy now because prices are just gonna keep going up, because they were paid salesman and not understanding cycles or what is going on. SO I like that your agenda is driven in reality.

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Tristran 2 years ago

Onward and Upword.....what is the Up-Word?

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Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark 2 years ago

Thank you Dan for all you do. Please explain to people the Stakeholder push of owning banks, businesses, etc. Klaus Schwab outlined this opportunity he is pushing into the US.

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